Awesome sceenprinting I’ve always wished to try it out. Finally at Spektral in Graz I got the chance.


It’s time to get out and meet folks at theĀ Traumwerk. Traumwerk is a open community group where you can learn and do. For example screenprinting, woodwork, sewing, ceramics, metal works and many other things. If you’ve got an idea and wish to build it, this is the place to go. TheĀ people who attend are really friendly and open. The resources are free to use for everyone. Just respect the equipment. If you need help to understand how something works it’s always best to ask. Of course for the material you’ll need to pay a little which is very fair. There’s also a fridge of refreshments to help keep your creative juices flowing while you make and do!

If you wish to attend a screenprint workshop, just bring along some plain t-shirts and an image you wish to print. Actually you’re not limited to t-shirts, it’s very possible to print on many other surfaces and material.

They’ve also a UV table which could quite possibly usable for Alternative Photography for contact printing. Their

Cleaning the exposed screenprint

Cleaning the exposed screenprint

Pulling the ink across the screen

Pulling the ink across the screen

Here's my creation

Here’s my creation

May not be the most perfect production but it’s a lot of fun.


I also printed the image on a black cloth which I framed for Giorgia my daughter.