Nevermind the tourists! – Salzburg in Infrared

Flooding in Salzburg at high tide!

Spring, Easter to an Orthodox Easter and Maying.

Ysperklamm – There are lovers in the forest

The Irish Session late one night at The Dubliner, Salzburg

Thought for today, Salzburg Gnigl

Industrial Shapes at Trieben

Use Fujifilm X100 for Landscape Photography

Image & Verse : Forest Logs and Four Walls

High & Low @ JazzIt, Salzburg

Salzkammergut, Zinkenbachklamm hidden falls

Is it fun what you are doing ?

Workshop at KFJ with Tamas Revesz

Übleschlucht in Lattern, Vorarlberg, Austria – The hidden wild canyon

Zinkenbachklamm – Behind the scenes

Engenlochschlucht, Vorarlberg – How to photograph in the rain ?

Salzburg street images inspired by limitations

Photographing, Trochene Klamm, Salzburg with behind the scenes

Panorama 2:1 – Under the Mozartsteg – Salzburg

Glasenbachklamm, Salzburg in Winter Weather

Breaking Traditions

Ysperklamm in Waldviertel, Neiderösterreich

The story behind the Giglachalm photo-trip

Gorges of Mühlviertel in Upper Austria – Part II Klamschlucht – Granite Tor

Gorges of Mühlviertel in Upper Austria – Part I Giessenbachklamm

How it is with photographic landscape projects …

Old Timer Rally, Ramsau 2010

Being a Landscape Photographer – (recorded within the forest)

Austrian Gorge : Wolfsklamm, Tirol Part 2 – Audio & Image

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