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Wasserloch canyon on 6×12 Pinhole

The story of the stream train From Graz to the Wasserloch canyon it’s about one and half hours by car.  The journey is mainly through the awesome Eisenstraße…

July 28, 2017

Kesselfall Steiermark – Austria, Ilford HP5+ with Ilfotec DD-X

Even those a grey and weary day was an upon us, photography was at hand. The results from the gloomy weather were a wee treat for the film…

March 19, 2017

Lassnitzklamm – Landscape Experience with Ilford Pan F

Oh yes finally I got out and about away from the desk. The plan for the weekend was a gorge, a canyon to photograph. It was certainly time…

March 10, 2017

Yashica Mat 124 in Graz

A couple more self developed images from the wonderful Yashica MAT 124 medium format film camera. Images were taken on Kodak Ektar and Porta in Graz, Austria Volkgarten, Graz…

February 14, 2017

Lomography Action Sampler

This is just for fun, nothing too serious at all. A plastic camera with four plastic fantastic lens. If anyone is expecting fine art photography here on this…

February 13, 2017

Landscape close up – using close lens with Yashica Mat 124

Using the Close Lens No.3 with the Yashica Mat 124 The Yashica Mat is a lovely camera to use. I’m finding it really quite a fine functioning camera…

February 2, 2017

Yashica Mat 124 with Kodak film in freezing winter conditions

Before I get into the images from the Yashica with Kodak film, I feel I need to talk about how I got to this point with analog film….

January 30, 2017
Gerald does Selfie on Annenstrasse

The Medium Format Selfie Stick with the Agfa Clack

Photo above: Gerald does Selfie on Annenstrasse – Ilford FP4 125 Stand Development in Rodinal 1/25  It was the early hours of the morning and I had this…

January 12, 2017

Film is not dead – Yashica Mat 124 with Kodak Ektar

ORF Park, Graz – Yashica Mat 124 with Kodak Ektar (Self Developed in Tetenal) The images on this post are all from the Yashica Mat using Ektar Film…

January 10, 2017

Lomography with the Agfa Clack

Bringing life back to a battered old box called the Clack. I even gave my girlfriend the Clack she loved it! Yep that sounds weird as funny as…

January 4, 2017
Agfa Clack

I got the Clack for 7 Euros! The Agfa Clack Double Exposures

The crappy black box, actually has got a certain charm. Ok nothing special in terms of technical specification. It’s optics are plastic for goodness sake! Three controls that’s it…

January 1, 2017

Fujifilm XT-2 in the Fog

It was one of those unique days that only come once or twice a year up here in Ramsau am Dachstein.  Giorgia, boys and I dedided to head…

December 14, 2016

Back on the street with the Voigtlander

It seems right to whip out the Voitlander Bessa  for some fun and frolics.  The black compact beauty featuring medium format film from the begone era of the 1930’s….

December 13, 2016

Me, My Family and a Polaroid Land Camera

Finally I got the Land Camera and the film that goes with it together.  It was time to go out into the wilds and use it! The last…

July 11, 2016

Using Natural Light for Food Photography

Garlic Soup Such a busy week hadn’t much time to post to the blog at all. A few weeks ago, I had the joy of photographing food! Not everyday…

June 27, 2016

Analog Adventures in Medium Format in Graz

Well each day brings something new, which is always good when its medium format photography. I mean what’s not to like? But before all that a long rewarded break…

April 5, 2016

Perchtenlauf Graz 2015 – Krampus in Austria

It’s that time again in Austria where the demons from the Alps become alive. Well at least in fancy scary dress! It was late Sunday evening all I…

November 29, 2015

Six mills of the ‘Der Plötz’ in Ebenau – Part 2

Rising early on a Sunday morning at 5:50 am on a very overcast day. The question is will it rain and how heavy and how much? I had…

May 25, 2015

Six mills of the ‘Der Plötz’ in Ebenau – Part 1

The world of watermills hidden within a lush forest outside of Ebennau could be a backdrop to a long lost legend. If there were a Don Quixote of…

May 18, 2015

Alternative city photography guide to Vienna

Ever wonder how to photograph a city without looking like a tourist and getting great results ?  In this blog post I’ll explain some interesting tips and a ways to…

March 3, 2015

Hanging out at the 16th district in Vienna – City life with Fuji X-T1

While Wurstelstand in Vienna are world famous, I’ve lived in Austria long enough to blindsight them like Internet advertising. Gladly winter light not only wakens the senses. It makes…

February 23, 2015

A Salzburg bike ride in B&W with my Fuji X100

There is still life in my old Fuji X100 camera with 23mm lens – 35mm equivalent. This is the version without the S but to it’s credit its…

February 21, 2015

Winter macros by bike using the Fujifilm X100

It was yesterday when I took the old river bicycle path then to across the Salzach which runs through the city of Salzburg. Then it was along the…

February 18, 2015

Winter landscape for fun with the XF 14mm Fujifilm lens

I took the wide angle lens for my Fujifilm X-T1 camera out on a bright and cheerful Saturday morning. The lens in question is known as the XF…

February 17, 2015

Sony A7R with the Olympus 55mm and landscape photography

So how does the Olympus 55mm ƒ1.2 lens look like on the Sony A7R. Well not too bad as it happens. This oldie of a lens which is…

February 10, 2015

Vienna on the street with Sony A7R and Fuji X-T1

I figured it was time to get the Sony A7R camera onto the street to see how it performed. The first image below, is one I’ve taken either…

January 29, 2015

Nevermind the tourists! – Salzburg in Infrared

How to make images in the middle of day with harsh sunlight and tourists everywhere ? Very simple switch over to Infrared. My old DSLR actually a relic…

July 14, 2013

Spring, Easter to an Orthodox Easter and Maying.

Easter brings new beginnings as spring proceeds. I travel through Salzburg with my bike to and from places. Meeting friends, drama rehearsals or just for groceries. Along my way, I…

May 12, 2013